Top-Rated PPM Personality Seeks New Challenge

In the 2002 Disney film,
 “The Rookie,” Dennis Quaid plays real-life Major League pitcher, Jimmy Morris, who blew out his arm before getting to live his dream of going to “The Show.”

Many years later, at an age when most Major Leaguers face retirement, a bet with the high school baseball team which he coached lead him to a tryout with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, where his 98-mile-per-hour fastball eventually led to a spot on their Triple-A team in Durham, North Carolina.

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If only Photoshop could make it so.

The minor league life; far from his family, long, late-night bus rides and low wages took a toll and he was about to hang ’em up. Once again he fell short of his dream. He called his wife to let her know, but she threw him a curve. She asked him, simply: “Do you still love it?”

He didn’t have to think too hard. The next day in the locker room, Jimmy turned to his teammate and said: “You know what we get to do today, Brooks? We get to play baseball.”

I feel the same way about radio.

My bubble gum card reads: experienced, reliable talent with a skill set that includes innovative programming, top-rated on-air presentation, Selector wizardry, exemplary leadership credentials, digital mastery, award-winning copywriting, buzz-worthy promotions, sparkling imaging, creative production and a thirst for public approval.

The scouting report shows a deep love and vast knowledge of music, a lifelong attachment to radio and a commitment to serving listeners, by developing the same personal bond I shared with the radio as a kid — a bond which continues to enrich my own life with each broadcast day.

Oh, yeah… and I still love it.